I survived day 1 =D

September 14, 2010

Okay, so it is now 9:07 PM and I officially survived day 1 of my new diet. I started out the day with some plain greek yogurt and a tiny bit of sugar free jelly mixed in. Next, an egg white omelet with tomatoes and one slice of american cheese. For dinner I ate a really tiny salad with about 3 pieces of grilled chicken, tomatoes, onions, and a little bit of raspberry vinaigrette. A few minutes ago I ate 2 kiwi’s because I was starving!! So I probably ate like 1000ish calories today…which is good, I think. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow morning when I weigh myself!!! ALWAYS REMEMBER: WEIGH YOURSELF IN THE MORNING…GO TO THE BATHROOM FIRST…AND MAKE SURE YOUR NAKED!!!! ;D


Health, love, and survival…Carissa


11 Responses to “I survived day 1 =D”

  1. Kayla Bukowski said

    youre doing great resa! love and miss youu!! keep up the good workkk:D

  2. Lucy Bukowski said

    You could write for a magazine…Your a great writer…I am really enjoying your blog and at the same time..I am so proud of you for taking steps to a healthier you! I ❤ U

  3. Meg said

    ummmm You are Sooooo funny my S !!! Keep up the amazing postingggggg my talented writing best friend……I def eat a lot healthier now, now that I am home….but wait College food is so gross that I didn’t eat anyways so it works ;]
    ps- I love munchkins lol

  4. MARGHERITA said

    Eat everything in moderation and you will be forever fine. As I told you before, you are in a womens body now and every 7 years you will just become more beautiful then the last 7………

  5. Gary Miceli said

    hmmmm I always weigh myself with dumbbells on my shoulders.

  6. Tricia said

    You are on the right path!!! Eating healthy is not a diet its a way of life.. Everyone struggles with their eating habits at some point in there life, and also many have different circumstances. Starting this blog is a great idea for yourself and for others to share their knowledge here too!!! Keep up the GREAT writing and just being you!!! You are always looking to help people and this is awesome!!! So proud of you!!! Love ya!! =0) ❤

  7. bahahahahahhahahaha Gary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tiffanie said

    Although I think you are at a perfect weight and more gorgeous than ever, I think it’s important to feel good about yourself, but, not to be confused with what society thinks we should look like to feel good about ourselves! That being said, when I was a freshman I gained 15lbs in the first 4 months of college. Let’s face it, pizza and french fries are way more delicious at 2 am. You are virtually surrounded by fast food for four years. Stress is also a contributor to weight gain as well, so throw in some tough classes and Oreos and it’s a recipe for disaster. So what’s a girl to do? Well my advice is to quit the “diet” THEY NEVER WORK!!! Really tell me one person you know that went on a diet by eliminating all of the bad stuff and never cheating and have lost weight and are HAPPY? Keyword- HAPPY! When I attempt to eliminate a food out of my diet I WANT IT MORE!!!

    What you should consider is adding a 30-45 minute run into your day. Start out slow, a fifteen minute jog and fifteen minute walk, and gradually increase it to a solid 30-45 minute run. Also, pick different places to run everyday. The monotony of running in the same place to me is not enjoyable. You are in NYC, there are soooo many places you can run! On icky days, run in your college gym. Ellipiticals, bikes, and starimasters don’t count! RUN!!!! I ran almost everyday in college after freshman year and I never felt better. I lost some weight, I was rarely stressed, and I was overall HAPPY!

    The key is calories out are greater than calories in. Then Carissa you can enjoy a handful of munchkins without feeling guilty. Try it for a week, I promise you will feel wonderful! You can then change your blog to “Training for the NYC Marathon, November 2011” . 🙂 xoxoxo


    • Thanks Tiff!! That was really sweet! When I say I need a new diet I mean I life altering diet…I know that there is no such thing as a diet that works…it’s a way of life! And you’re right, running makes me feel great when I do run…it’s starting the run that’s the problem for me! Haha So I’m going to have to get on my running shoes and push myself because I know it will make me feel so much better…I’m just so tired and so stressed 90% of the time! I know it will help take some of that away but as you know stress is a vicious cycle to get stuck in the middle of! It’s tough…so I figured I would start making healthier choices first! As soon as I drop a few pounds and feel better about my body I’ll start to run, and then everything will be so much better!! Thanks for the comment! It made me smile! =) It makes me happy to know that there are actually people reading…even though this whole thing is more for myself then everyone else, it’s nice to have support! College is EVIL! hahaha Love you so much!

  9. Shaylynn:) said

    Carissa!!! I love you and miss you soo muchh!! ❤ And i also LOVE your blogg! It's such a good idea and i am so happy for youu that you're doing this! Youu are inspiring me and maybe next family trip i won't eat a jamaican sweet potato, a bagel, cookies, starbursts, applesauce, and top it all off with some *correction ALL* of the hotel chocolate…ALL AFTER WE JUST WENT TO DINNERRR!!! hahahhahahhahaha
    shayyy <333

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