It’s 9am and I already managed to do aerobics!

September 14, 2010

So, I woke up at about 7am this morning all excited to weigh myself! I stepped on the scale and my first reading was 130lbs…Okay, not terrible…but slightly disappointing being that I was 129.5 yesterday morning and I was starvingggg all day yesterday! So I proceded to step of the scale and back on about 5 times (doing my morning step aerobics) until the scale read 129.5. As soon as 129.5 came up I stopped weighing myself…so I’m going to stick with that reading. I was 129.5 this morning!! YESSSS =D

Next I would like to give a little bit more background information about my life during the last 19 years. My parents are amazing. They are so involved in my life and they are never afraid to tell my the truth! If they think I’m making unhealthy decisions they will tell me and then help me make healthier decisions! It’s like having a free advisor ALL THE TIME! How lucky can one girl be?! So last year when I started making unhealthy decisions my parents didn’t say much about it for the first time in my life! It was weird for me, and I truely believe that it is the reason why I began taking the unhealthy path verses the healthy path I had been following for so many years. My parents figured it was time to let me learn on my own. During this time I gained about 15 pounds and felt veryyyy uncomfortable with my body. I knew it, my parents knew it, but I did it anyway. My very sweet and loving boyfriend kept telling me how beautiful I was…and the best part is I know he really meant it. Finally, my parents had to step in! They confronted me and told me they love me no matter what and still think I am absolutely beautiful…it’s not about looks, its about health! Now, once again I consider myself veryyyy lucky to have my parents in my life to give me advice and to love me and care for me! Not everyone has that!

So here’s a little Momma Lucy advice:

Eating healthy is a choice! Taking care of your body is a choice! You are what you eat. Eat to live…don’t live to eat!

Here’s a little advice from me in response to mommy’s advice:

Your body is precious, so treat it well!

Health, Love, and Survival…Carissa


4 Responses to “It’s 9am and I already managed to do aerobics!”

  1. Loved itttttt Resa <3333 Good Work and GREAT advice ❤

  2. Lucy Bukowski said

    What a creative writer you are Carissa! You’re doing a great job. I am honored to be mentioned in your post…I I just want you to know, everything I say and do is because I love you…Mommy ❤

  3. carissa you never cease to amaze me. how do you find the time to write all these blogs and still do homework? can you use a larger font? and can you use a darker print? you are doing a great job but you know grandma’s eye’s aren’t what they used to be. i did read it and enjoyed every line but i was straining…healthy or fat diets are very hard to keep. but i know you will make great healthy choices. try to keep fresh fruits and vegs. to pick on to fill the empty feeling. matter of fact, i am going to eat a plum now. sorry to say i don’t take my own advice since tonight i had a bacon and tomatoe and spinach sandwich on a roll. the healthy part was allot of spinach verses lettuce that has no value. dammm it was good. tomorrow is another day. could be i will try harder and take your advice. but i haven’t had bacon in about a year. as i said grandma

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