Sort of want a brownie sundae…no I don’t…yes I do…NO I DON’T!!

September 14, 2010

Listen people,

If you are craving a brownie sundae…try to get your mind off of it and think about………..who am I kidding, I don’t know what the hell to think about. Well I guess I should probably think about tomorrow morning when I get on that scale again, and how i really want to see 129 lbs without having to do step aerobics on my scale like this morning.

I’m having trouble concentrating at the moment because my boyfriend is sitting at the foot of my bed listening to the ridiculously stupid new Kayne West song we all had the pleasure of hearing on the VMAs…”Let’s have a toast for the douche bags”. Is he talking about himself? Ugh, hate him ever since he interrupted my dear friend Taylor last year in the middle of her award acceptance.

Well I guess this is a good way to get my mind off of brownie sundaes! Now all I wanna do is throw a brownie sundae in Kanye’s face! =)

Oh, I forgot to mention that today on my lunch break from my internship at the Mayor’s Office of Film I went first to Jamba juice and got a pumpkin spice smoothie with splenda!!!! YUMMMMM!!! ( That was my lunch, so it wasn’t considered cheating. k? k) And then I went over to the Columbus Circle Mall and they had FREE GODIVA CHOCOLATE. It took everything in me not to hop on that line! But I didn’t do it….BE PROUD!!!!! =D

I think it’s about time that I get to some homework, even though I’ve done about 20 hours of homework so far this week and its only Tuesday. I guess that’s college.

Health, Love, and Survival…Carissa


3 Responses to “Sort of want a brownie sundae…no I don’t…yes I do…NO I DON’T!!”

  1. Lucy Bukowski said

    You are SO FUNNY Caris…Keep up the writing, comedy and healthy eating! I just love you…

  2. Lucy Bukowski said

    Oh, and good luck on the scale in the am!

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