So just a few quick things…

September 15, 2010

Good morning my little healthies!!…or not so healthies! So today I weighed 129 and I finally fit into this pair of jeans I bought like 3 weeks ago and never fit me! YESSS =D That’s a good feeling! It’s a feeling of accomplishment! My healthiness is showing! Today I will mention something my lovely, HYSTERICAL, grandma reminded me of…Moderation is KEY! If you are trying to be more healthy but haven’t had bacon in a year (for example) then have some freakin bacon people!!! Just don’t have bacon…on top of pizza….with extra cheese and a can of coke! Because that right there is suicidal! I mean…sure eat all that crappp if you want a heart attack in 3 years. I will be the first to admit…I ate all that crap my entire life…on and off! Specifically A LOT in the last year and a half! And the only thing it does for you besides tasting really good for 10 minutes is make you feel like you just ate a brick and then you’ll spend the next 30 mins on the potty wondering why you ate it!!! It’s not worth it people!! There are healthy things that taste just as good and will actually make you feel energized…IMAGINE THAT?!

So people…Today’s lesson is eat everything in moderation!

Health, Love, and Survival…Carissa


2 Responses to “So just a few quick things…”

  1. Lucy Bukowski said

    That’s exactly what I do..if I eat the’s okay because I know my next meal is probably going to be healthy! Grandma makes a good point..everything in moderation! I hope today is a happy healthy one ❤ mom

  2. kaylaaaa said

    hahahaaha!! perfectly said:)

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