I think I’ll eat some FIBER ONE =D

September 17, 2010

Sooooo yesterday was a lazy day for sure! It consisted of sleeping til 10ish…getting up, doing nothing, sleeping, getting up doing nothing, sleeping, getting up, and GOING TO PINKBERRY with my two favs Bobby and Alex =D It was veryyy fun, veryyyy yummy and veryyy healthy! I needed yesterday! I haven’t had a relaxing day in who knows how long. I have my infamous death class in 3 hours!! I’m sooooo excited!!!…NOT! Maybe I’ll bring my laptop so I can write in my blog. I’m feeling a little hungry right now so I’m thinking that eating FIber One caramel delight is a good choice! Fiber is very good for you people! Eat LOTS of fiber!! Oh wait, I also went to stop and shop and restocked on Chobani….UGH now I want that for breakfast!! WHAT TO DO??!! Maybe Chobani for breakfast, Cereal for lunch? Oh I would also like to state that I had a fabulous lunch yesterday at Lockes! It was steamed vegetables such as zuccinni, eggplant, onions, tomatos…and fresh mozzerella! The executive chef was in! YUMMMM!!! =D

So now I am going to ask you…what do you want to be in my next post? Any ideas? Any thoughts?

Health, Love, and Survival…Carissa


One Response to “I think I’ll eat some FIBER ONE =D”

  1. write about fluffy pizza bahahaha…love your tipsss resa miss and love you

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