Yummy Yummy Gourmet Market =D

September 18, 2010

Alright, so that right there…was my incredibly delicious amazing dinner! I discovered the best supermarket ever today!!! It’s called “Gourmet Market” It’s healthy, they carry tons of homemade salads and its CHEAP! It’s basically HEAVEN! I bought this Orzo Salad…One pound for 5 bucks…That’s Dinner for tonight and Lunch for Tuesday when I go to work! $2.50 a meal!! I can’t wait to go back!

Next, I’d like to discuss the HOCKEY PUCK friggin Turkey Sausage this morning in Locke’s! What a disgrace to Manhattan College. The saddest part is there was a prospective student tour going on while we were eating brunch…WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO WANT TO GO TO MANHATTAN COLLEGE AFTER SEEING THESE BOUNCY PATTIES!?!?!
I had to take a picture for this one…It’s just such an embarrassment to this school….
After you see the picture there won’t be much more left for me to say. You can see for yourself!

I swear, I’m surprised there aren’t more kids dying from heart attacks here! Check out these Bean and Cheese Chimichanga’s from the Vegetarian Station in Locke’s…

1 Chimichanga…Over 1000 calories?!?!!? For real?? COME ON!!!! If I’m gonna eat over 1000 calories I wanna be eating something GOOD! Not this crap! Ew. That’s all I have to say!

So my healthy friends….stick to Chobani, gourmet market, cous cous…and fruit and together we will live long healthy lives.

My only advice to you is DO NOT eat at Manhattan College =D

Health,Love,and Survival…Carissa


2 Responses to “Yummy Yummy Gourmet Market =D”

  1. Lucy Bukowski said

    Excellent post and full of drama..I love it…but who has money to burn? Not you..you worked all summer to burn your money at the market? It’s expensive! I think you kids should protest this food…2100 grams of sodium? I couldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole without my fingers swelling!! lol You’re definitely limited on what you can eat there that is completely healthy…good luck lol ❤ Mom

  2. Marie said

    That orzo salad looks awesome. Keep up the great blog writing Carissa…

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