I haven’t talked about Cosi yet?!

September 18, 2010

Last night Bobby and I went to dinner at another one of my favorite healthy places…Cosi (accent on the i) It’s sort of like an italian panera bread! Wait…is panera bread italian? Well you get my point. They have sandwiches with home made flatbreads, pizza, salads, and soups! Now, this place is only healthy if you make the right choice in ordering. You can get carried away and next thing you know you were probably better off going to mcdonalds! Anyway, It turns out that while we were ordering food, Bobby broke the news to me that he wants to start making healthier choices too! I swear…when he said that I always fell over! I was NOT expecting that after he ate Eggs, bacon, and french toast smothered in syrup for breakfast, washed down with sugary “Orange Guava Passionfruit” Minutemaid. And then for lunch he got the most unhealthy sandwich made at subway…A food long flatbread with Philly Cheesesteak, Mozz, Cheddar, peppers, onions, and LOTS of chipotle sauce. So when he told me he wanted to eat healthy for dinner it was the cutest thing ever! So, anyway we went to Cosi and I ordered the Fire Roasted Veggie on Whole Grain. This is my favorite! It is Grilled vegetables with a Feta Cheese Spread and is only 324 calories!! NICE! Bobby got the Chicken TBM. For those of you who aren’t familiar…TBM stands for TOMATO, BASIL, and MOZZARELLA! You have a choice of getting that with either regular dressing or fat free cosi vinaigrette. Bobby chose the fat free vinaigrette! We of course ran in there just as they were closing so they wound up offering Bobby a Cosi Sangria (Non-alcoholic…don’t worry moms) for free…Which is like a million grams of sugar…but it’s okay! He didn’t really know…and I was still very proud of him! So when you get a chance, take a trip to cosi!

Health, Love, and Survival…Carissa


One Response to “I haven’t talked about Cosi yet?!”

  1. Lucy Bukowski said

    I read aloud for the family…daddy wants to try Cozi…

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