I missed you guys the last two days!

September 21, 2010

Sorry for going AWOL the last two days. Things have been hectic! But don’t worry…not too hectic to stop eating healthy! I am still obsessed with Chobani! =D
I’ve tried my hardest to stay away from dining hall food the last few days and was doing a pretty good job until last night =/
There was NOTHING healthy to eat so I decided to go with the healthiest thing possible…a Taco Salad!
It didn’t taste that great…and probably wasn’t the healthiest thing I’ve eatten all week…but it was either that or starve! See! This is what our school does to us! EAT CRAP OR STARVE!!!! That’s really not nice of them!
Also, I’ve found that everytime I go food shopping and stock my fridge with healthy food, it goes bad so fast! What a waste! =(

I can’t win!

Alright, this post is starting to sound more negative than encouraging.
So I will say this…don’t let crappy college food get ya down! Was that encouraging enough? Probably not =/

Okay, let me try again…I was reading Queen Latifah’s book “Put on Your Crown” BE PROUD MOM!…since you’ve been begging me to read it for like a year now!
Anyway, she talks about how we don’t realize how much we are really capable of and in order to discover our true potential we have to escape our comfort zone!
“Inside every woman there’s a queen, and you owe it to her and to God to do everything in your power to live your most fulfilled and happy life.”
-Queen Latifah
So people, live to the fullest. Accomplish your goals, make healthy choices…because when you do…and you see the outcome…it will be soooo worth it!
Health, Love, and Survival…Carissa


2 Responses to “I missed you guys the last two days!”

  1. carissa: see if my blog was entered properly please. if not you will have to show me how to publish it.

  2. Mommy said

    I’m can’t believe I missed this post…and I also can’t believe you are reading “the book”…Now that’s 2 books I got you to read…lol it’s inspirational, right?? I love you…Mommy

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