Home for the weekend!

September 25, 2010

Good Morning world! I am home for the weekend and excited to have some home cooked meals! There is nothing better than real home cooked food with real ingredients! I am still starting off my morning with some Chobani though! ;D I made my dad buy it for me last night! Yummy yummy! The flavor of the day is Peach! =D I am feeling extra healthy today! I feel very good about my body and the choices I’ve been making. This “new diet” or should I say, this new way of life…is really paying off! Don’t forget…everything in moderation! Daddy and Bobby’s birthday’s are coming up and a little tiny piece of cake never hurt anyone! As grandma says…everything in moderation!!
Health, Love, and Survival…Carissa


2 Responses to “Home for the weekend!”

  1. Lucy bukowski said

    What ever you’re doing, keep doing it! You look great..your smile is brighter then ever….

  2. MARGHERITA said

    great blog carissa. but keep in mind that meat is important to your body. You need the iron. you get drained of it every month. of course, moderation. you make me want to give up the m&m peanuts, and crispy corn curls. I am still waiting for the patch in hopes that I will quit this horrible habit of cigs. I know that is what will finish me off. anyway, keep blogging. I will email you when i do my blog. hope u read mine today.

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