I woke up with a food hangover…

September 29, 2010

…this morning I was reminded of why I eat healthy! Yesterday was Bobby’s birthday so we went to a very nice, very yummy, and very expensive restaurant called Churrascaria Plataforma! It was an all you can eat steakhouse! The funny part is I didn’t eat that much, but my body isn’t used to all of the sodium! It was delicious, and it was the first time I’ve eaten unhealthy in weeks! As grandma said, everything in moderation! So I went for it! Prime rib, filet, chicken, bbq ribs…SO GOOD! It’s worth going at least once! I ate until I was full, very very full! I woke up this morning feeling dehydrated, bloated, swollen, numb, and sick! After drinking lots and lots of water I began feeling a bit better but still energy-less. Its 12:49 pm now and I finally am beginning to feel slightly hungry. I’m thinking I will eat some egg whites around 230 after my classes are over. The scariest part for me after eating all of the amazing but extremely unhealthy food was that there are millions of people who eat that way every single day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!! WHY?! Why would someone want to do that to there body? It’s funny how drugs are illegal because they are harmful to your health, alcohol is a problematic cause of much sickness and health, cigarettes are widely spoken about as a cause of death…but the topic of unhealthy eating, obesity, heart attacks and heart disease are often slipped under the rug! It blows my mind! Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in America?! I learned that in my death class that I’m actually sitting in right now! Food can be and often is, an addiction! An extremely unhealthy addiction. When you feed your body with all of this fat, sodium, sugar, etc you are simply dying a slow death! I haven’t spoken much about exercise mainly because this blog is more food focused but exercise plays a huge role too! Unfortunately, I am guilty of not exercising as much as I should but I do make healthy choices like walking to places in the city whenever I can instead of taking the subway, taking the stairs and not the elevator, and when I get a burst of energy I make a trip to the gym! This is so important! So in conclusion to today’s post, my food hangover reminded me of why I make the healthy choices that I do!
Health, Love and Survival…Carissa


6 Responses to “I woke up with a food hangover…”

  1. Bobby said

    Nicely put babe, I just don’t know why I didn’t wake up feeling as crappy as you lol.

  2. Marie said

    I think overeating is definately a no no. Especially mixing all kinds of food. The sodium content on EVERYTHING is soooo high. I have no idea why all of the food stores and fast food places have to put so much salt into everything. Even when you food shop, you can’t find anything without sodium. Whose idea was it to put all of this sodium into everything we eat? No wonder so many people (young people too) have high blood pressure. It’s ridiculous.

  3. A slow death is a great way to put it Caris..and some how it is insulting and offensive to talk about it!! I never mean it to hurt anyone by it…I just have a great love for people and hate to see self destruction!! So keep up the love for oneself and be healthy!! I love you with all my heart..Mommy ❤

  4. How is it possible I logged in as you?? I clicked your link on your wall????? Weirddddddddddd Oh, Mommy ❤

  5. Amber said

    how tall are you?

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