So just a few quick things…

September 15, 2010

Good morning my little healthies!!…or not so healthies! So today I weighed 129 and I finally fit into this pair of jeans I bought like 3 weeks ago and never fit me! YESSS =D That’s a good feeling! It’s a feeling of accomplishment! My healthiness is showing! Today I will mention something my lovely, HYSTERICAL, grandma reminded me of…Moderation is KEY! If you are trying to be more healthy but haven’t had bacon in a year (for example) then have some freakin bacon people!!! Just don’t have bacon…on top of pizza….with extra cheese and a can of coke! Because that right there is suicidal! I mean…sure eat all that crappp if you want a heart attack in 3 years. I will be the first to admit…I ate all that crap my entire life…on and off! Specifically A LOT in the last year and a half! And the only thing it does for you besides tasting really good for 10 minutes is make you feel like you just ate a brick and then you’ll spend the next 30 mins on the potty wondering why you ate it!!! It’s not worth it people!! There are healthy things that taste just as good and will actually make you feel energized…IMAGINE THAT?!

So people…Today’s lesson is eat everything in moderation!

Health, Love, and Survival…Carissa


Hi Haters ;D

September 15, 2010

Sooo it turns out that everyone in this world has different opinions…who woulda guessed???! The thing is that it’s okay to have different opinions and I respect each and everyone one of my readers! I just want to clarify a few issues…

1. I AM NOT SKIPPING MEALS!…I am eating 3 meals a day, don’t worry! =D

2.This is a blog about how the college food makes me feel like crap and I am trying to feed my body with nutrients and not CRAP!

3. My mother is the strongest woman I know and she loves me unconditionally. She is supporting me in my decision to treat my body how it should be treated!

4.I love ME…and I don’t mean that in a conceited way…I just mean it in a confident way! I wouldn’t be anyone else in the whole world. And I love my body…this isn’t about body image…it’s about health. The reality is…if you’re overweight you are going to be unhealthy which can lead to very bad things such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a million other things! So why risk it? I don’t see a reason….but again, everyone is open to there own opinion.

So in conclusion…feel free to share all opinions! Postive, negative! Bring it on world =D I wanna hear it!!

Health, Love, and Survival…Carissa

Listen people,

If you are craving a brownie sundae…try to get your mind off of it and think about………..who am I kidding, I don’t know what the hell to think about. Well I guess I should probably think about tomorrow morning when I get on that scale again, and how i really want to see 129 lbs without having to do step aerobics on my scale like this morning.

I’m having trouble concentrating at the moment because my boyfriend is sitting at the foot of my bed listening to the ridiculously stupid new Kayne West song we all had the pleasure of hearing on the VMAs…”Let’s have a toast for the douche bags”. Is he talking about himself? Ugh, hate him ever since he interrupted my dear friend Taylor last year in the middle of her award acceptance.

Well I guess this is a good way to get my mind off of brownie sundaes! Now all I wanna do is throw a brownie sundae in Kanye’s face! =)

Oh, I forgot to mention that today on my lunch break from my internship at the Mayor’s Office of Film I went first to Jamba juice and got a pumpkin spice smoothie with splenda!!!! YUMMMMM!!! ( That was my lunch, so it wasn’t considered cheating. k? k) And then I went over to the Columbus Circle Mall and they had FREE GODIVA CHOCOLATE. It took everything in me not to hop on that line! But I didn’t do it….BE PROUD!!!!! =D

I think it’s about time that I get to some homework, even though I’ve done about 20 hours of homework so far this week and its only Tuesday. I guess that’s college.

Health, Love, and Survival…Carissa

So, I woke up at about 7am this morning all excited to weigh myself! I stepped on the scale and my first reading was 130lbs…Okay, not terrible…but slightly disappointing being that I was 129.5 yesterday morning and I was starvingggg all day yesterday! So I proceded to step of the scale and back on about 5 times (doing my morning step aerobics) until the scale read 129.5. As soon as 129.5 came up I stopped weighing myself…so I’m going to stick with that reading. I was 129.5 this morning!! YESSSS =D

Next I would like to give a little bit more background information about my life during the last 19 years. My parents are amazing. They are so involved in my life and they are never afraid to tell my the truth! If they think I’m making unhealthy decisions they will tell me and then help me make healthier decisions! It’s like having a free advisor ALL THE TIME! How lucky can one girl be?! So last year when I started making unhealthy decisions my parents didn’t say much about it for the first time in my life! It was weird for me, and I truely believe that it is the reason why I began taking the unhealthy path verses the healthy path I had been following for so many years. My parents figured it was time to let me learn on my own. During this time I gained about 15 pounds and felt veryyyy uncomfortable with my body. I knew it, my parents knew it, but I did it anyway. My very sweet and loving boyfriend kept telling me how beautiful I was…and the best part is I know he really meant it. Finally, my parents had to step in! They confronted me and told me they love me no matter what and still think I am absolutely beautiful…it’s not about looks, its about health! Now, once again I consider myself veryyyy lucky to have my parents in my life to give me advice and to love me and care for me! Not everyone has that!

So here’s a little Momma Lucy advice:

Eating healthy is a choice! Taking care of your body is a choice! You are what you eat. Eat to live…don’t live to eat!

Here’s a little advice from me in response to mommy’s advice:

Your body is precious, so treat it well!

Health, Love, and Survival…Carissa

I survived day 1 =D

September 14, 2010

Okay, so it is now 9:07 PM and I officially survived day 1 of my new diet. I started out the day with some plain greek yogurt and a tiny bit of sugar free jelly mixed in. Next, an egg white omelet with tomatoes and one slice of american cheese. For dinner I ate a really tiny salad with about 3 pieces of grilled chicken, tomatoes, onions, and a little bit of raspberry vinaigrette. A few minutes ago I ate 2 kiwi’s because I was starving!! So I probably ate like 1000ish calories today…which is good, I think. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow morning when I weigh myself!!! ALWAYS REMEMBER: WEIGH YOURSELF IN THE MORNING…GO TO THE BATHROOM FIRST…AND MAKE SURE YOUR NAKED!!!! ;D


Health, love, and survival…Carissa

So my dreadful, depressing, death class is over…THANK YOU LORD. I now am preparing for my 4:30 meeting for the career development club which I, in fact, am the leader of… unfortunately. It is unfortunate because I am sitting here writing this blog while smelling the sweet aroma of Dunkin Donuts Munchkins that I have to bring to the meeting. I offered a few to my roommate and boyfriend and watched as they slowly tempted me. So I am writing in hope that it gets rid of my temptation. Any advice on letting this muchkin thing go??? Mom: Don’t comment this and say, “You get fat from the food you eat”. I know that already, which is exactly why I am not going to eat them! (Even though I sort of want to eat the entire box!!!!! )

Love, Health, and Survival…Carissa


September 13, 2010

I am sitting here in my dorm room digesting the greek yogurt I just ate. I had about 3 spoonfuls of plain greek yogurt mixed with a spoonful of sugar free grape jelly. Here’s my dilemma…aside from the fact that I’m rushing this because I have to be at my next joyful and uplifting class called “Death as a Fact of Life” in about 10 minutes…and for a first post it’s probably not going to be that great, My dilemma is FOOD! Not necessarily food in general, but food at Manhattan College and probably all colleges in general. I am not overweight…I’ll start by saying that. I don’t want that to be confused…I am 5’4 and 130ish pounds depending on the day, time, and time of the month I weigh myself. I left for college last year this time at 118lbs. So I’ve gained a substantial amount of weight. I feel uncomfortable and unhealthy. I want to be back to feeling light and healthy. I was at the infamous Lockes Loft last night with my boyfriend Bobby. (This is the all you can eat restaurant on the 4th floor of Thomas Hall at Manhattan College) I was trying to find something semi-healthy to eat when I came across BBQ ribs. Obviously this isn’t healthy but I didn’t think it was going to be this unhealthy…For 1 plate of ribs it was a little over 1100 calories and over 2000 mg of sodium…ARE THEY TRYING TO KILL US?! I wound up having a salad which consisted of Lettuce, tomato, a cut up cheeseburger with no bun, red onion, and a little bit of light ranch dressing. Basically…IT WAS DISGUSTING.


Health, love, and survival…Carissa